Trump Org Sued For Religious Discrimination After They Fired A Housekeeper For Refusing To Work On Sundays

The Christian Post reports:

A former housekeeper is suing the operator of Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, claiming the business engaged in religious discrimination by firing her because she refused to work on Sundays. Sonia Perez, 56, filed a lawsuit against Trump Ruffin Commercial Inc., the company that oversees the Trump hotels. She claims that the company required her to work  Sundays after employees unionized in 2018.

Perez worked for the hotel from 2010 until 2015 without a problem since her schedule allowed her to take Sundays off to attend her church. But following the unionization of employees, her shift was changed so that she had to work Sundays. The lawsuit states that Perez refused to work on Sundays due to her “sincerely held religious belief.” Perez’s lawsuit comes as Trump, who owns the Trump Organization, has championed himself as a staunch proponent of religious liberty.