Trump Claims People Will “Hold Up Mailmen” To Get Absentee Ballots, Also Print Them Out “Fraudulently”

“We’re suing and we’re filing another the big lawsuit I think on Friday. And I think we have a good case. Newsom announced that he’s sending out millions and millions of mail-in, what’s called mail-in ballots. And, you know — you say, who’re they sending these to? And maybe who aren’t?

“Let’s say you take a Republican district, and maybe those ballots don’t get sent there, okay? This is the craziest thing. This is — this will be a rigged election if they’re allowed to do it. We’re fighting like crazy. If you take a look — you know we’ve won the last four elections.

“We won in Wisconsin, we won in North Carolina, we won two, you know that? Big. We won a very big one in California, first time in 22 years. But we’re fighting mail-in ballots. And in those cases they had a lot of mail-in ballots, which is incredible.

“But the chance of theft, where they steal them, they hold up mailmen, they take them out of mailboxes, they print them fraudulently.” – Donald Trump, today on right wing lunatic Michael Savage’s radio show.