Trump Breaks Own Record With 200 Tweets In 24 Hours

Mediaite reports:

Once every seven minutes and 12 seconds. That would be the average time between Twitter posts if President Donald Trump had evenly spaced out the 200 tweets, retweets, and quote tweets he unleashed during the 24 hours of Friday, June 5.

Trump broke his all-time record on a day when the country was simultaneously wracked by a global pandemic, nationwide unrest over police killings of African-Americans, and an economy where the second-highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression was treated as good news.

According to the online tracking date site Factbase, Trump easily blew past his old record of 142 total Twitter posts from January 22 of this year, the second day of his Senate impeachment trial. He also set records for most tweets in one week — 468 — and most tweets in a single hour — 79.