Trump Brags He Can “Definitely” Drink A Glass Of Water

The New York Daily News reports:

Blame it on my leather shoes — and the hot sun! President Trump crept along his stage in front of a crowd of supporters Saturday and tossed back a glass of water in an effort explain away his infamous struggles walking down a ramp and lifting a cup during a graduation speech at West Point. Trump claimed he was hampered by “leather-bottomed shoes” when he gingerly walked down a ramp after delivering the commencement address.

“It was like an ice skating rink,” Trump said. “It’s brutal.” He explained that he pleaded with a general to help guide him down the ramp so he wouldn’t fall and embarass himself on national television. Trump also sought to explain away his difficulty lifting a glass of water to drink during the same commencement address. “They said you couldn’t lift the glass of water to your lips,” Trump said. “I just saluted 600 times.”