Tony Perkins Marks Obergefell Anniversary With Prayer For Jesus To “Protect Children’s Purity” From Joe Biden

From the Family Research Council’s prayer of the day:

Despite past ambivalence toward subjects of great concern to conservative Christians, President Trump’s administration has repeatedly prioritized life, family, and religious liberty issues. In addition, the administration has implemented an originalist interpretation of the Constitution, which does not read social policy preferences into the law but allows for an interpretation of the plain text to arrive at legal conclusions

Joe Biden is running for president on a platform committed to advancing LGBT rights. The centerpiece of his officially released plan is the passage of the Equality Act. The act undermines religious protections currently in place by stripping individuals of a Religious Freedom and Restoration Act (RFRA) claim or defense.

Christians everywhere should commit to praying for politicians in both parties and every candidate appearing on the November ballot. Moreover, they should vote based on biblical principles. Regardless of the outcome of the election, Christians should continue praying for their elected leaders (1 Tim. 2:2),

Father, we pray for the remaining Primary and General Elections, that you will raise up men and women who will hold to the eternal word of God and be advocates for truth and liberty in these matters. Please protect our children’s and grandchildren’s purity.