Scott Lively: I’d Rather Be Beheaded Than Wear A Mask

“These things must be balanced against the disastrous consequences of surrendering personal liberty to overreaching government, especially regarding face masks, which are in some ways worse than police-enforced lockdowns because they represent a literal in-your-face exercise of statist power like Islamist head coverings for women or the Nazis’ yellow star for Jews.

“Unnecessary public mask wearing, as opposed to reasonable usage, is no less a statement of psychological submission to higher authority than a dog collar.  In the greater scheme of things, I believe liberty is more important than security if one is forced to choose between those two. Those who don’t believe that are ripe for the Mark of the Beast, which is what this entire season of chaos is really about, in my view.

“Personally, I would rather die or be maimed from COVID-19—or be beheaded by a mob of anarchists and Islamists—than become a safe slave in a global totalitarian government.” – Anti-LGBT activist and twice failed candidate for governor of Massachusetts, Scott Lively, speaking on his YouTube channel.