Racist, Anti-Gay Video Roils Republican House Primary

Charlotteville’s CBS News affiliate reports:

A racist, homophobic video made by a campaign surrogate for Republican Fifth District Congressional candidate Bob Good is circulating on social media. The video has some Greene County Republicans calling on Good to condemn the video or withdraw from the race.

In the video, former Greene County Supervisor Eddie Deane sounds off about protesters who had a permit to march along Route 29 three years ago. “You had a black man in the presidency for eight years and you’re crying foul, or white supremacy? You give the devil an inch, and he’ll be your ruler. These minorities will not be satisfied,” Deane said.

In the video, he also expresses contempt for LGBTQ people. “They’re a bunch of queers and that’s the word I used years ago, that’s what I use now,” he said. “They’re strange people, and they want your rights and you cannot appease them.”

The Hill reports:

Good, who previously worked as the chief fundraiser for athletics at Liberty University, launched the primary against Riggleman, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, accusing the Virginia Republican of not being conservative enough.

The challenge came shortly after the Rappahannock County Republican Party attempted to censure Riggleman, alleging the freshman GOP congressman of “abandoning party principles” on fiscal spending, foreign policy and immigration.

However, Riggleman’s camp has argued the censure is intended “to punish” the congressman after he officiated a same-sex wedding in July.

My report on the censure attempt is here.