POLL: 87% Say They’ve Worn Masks In The Past Week

Just in from Ipsos Polling:

Concern with potential coronavirus infection has rebounded in the latest ABC News/Ipsos poll as the number of cases in the South and West surge, even as more Americans are leaving the home. This trend is connected to increases in protective actions and decreased willingness to engage in certain ‘routine’ activities. Americans are increasingly concerned with the coronavirus as cases surge across the Southern and Western United States.

Three-quarters of Americans (76%) are concerned about being infected by the coronavirus, up from 69% in early June. This reversed a two-month declining trend since April.  Almost four to one (56% to 15%), most Americans believe the U.S. is reopening the economy too quickly rather than too slowly. An additional 29% believe the economy is being reopened at the right pace.

Almost nine in ten (87%) Americans have worn a face mask or covering when leaving the home in the past week, up from 61% in mid-April. Americans are particular less willing to do things that would expose them to large groups or crowds such as attend a sporting event (21% willing, down from 29%), go to a movie theater (31%, down from 39%), go to church (49%, down from 57%), or fly on an airplane (36%, down from 44%).