Perkins Has The “Neil Gorsuch Is A Sellout” Sadz: This Cultural IED Will Be The Lingering Horror Of His Legacy

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Six justices, against the laws of science, history, and morality, decided to create their own Autonomous Zone — where humanity’s laws about male and female no longer apply. In the last 24 hours, people across the spectrum have scrambled to make sense of the cultural IED.

If the court decided to dramatically rewrite the 1964 Civil Rights Act, most experts assumed it would have been because loose cannon Chief Justice John Roberts defected — not because one of the president’s new originalists did.

To most Americans, the sellout of Neil Gorsuch, who not only voted with the liberal members on the Harris case but authored the majority opinion, will be the lingering horror. If even he can’t bring himself to agree that the word “sex” means male and female — not the Left’s wild reinterpretations of “sexual orientation” or “gender identity,” who will?

And, more importantly, what will it mean for privacy, pronouns, Christian schools and businesses, public housing, adoption, girls’ sports, and a basket of major issues confronting America?

It will mean, like Roe v. Wade did, years and years of hard-fought, deeply passionate debate. And more division. When the Supreme Court decided Monday to blow the doors off the meaning of “sex,” it’s important to understand: the justices didn’t resolve anything. Not really.

America is 47 years into court-sanctioned abortion, and it’s probably a bigger issue today than it was in 1973. As much authority as these justices have, they don’t have the final say on truth — especially not when their opinion runs counter to history, biology, and morality.

Is it devastating? Absolutely. This is the type of activism the president was trying to move away from with his nominees. Instead, Gorsuch, who probably worked under Anthony Kennedy’s tutelage a little too long, has helped give the court a license to redefine the most basic human terms.