NYC Sees Calmer Night, Little Looting, But 280 Arrests

ABC News reports:

The NYPD made about 280 arrests during Tuesday night/Wednesday morning protests, a lower tally than previous nights, as the city came under an 8 p.m. curfew and stopped for-hire vehicles, CitiBikes and rental scooters that vandals had used to cause trouble.

There were fewer officers injured as well with only two suffering minor injuries. There was less vandalism than there has been during previous nights as police sealed off parts of Manhattan even before the curfew took effect.

A standoff on the Manhattan Bridge ended without incident when 5000 demonstrators returned to Brooklyn after they had been prevented from entering Manhattan.

CBS New York reports:

Likely making things easier for law enforcement in Manhattan was a ban on vehicular traffic below 96th Street and the NYPD doubling its manpower to 8,000 officers, each working a mandatory 12-hour shift, CBS2’s Ali Bauman reported.

As the minutes went by Tuesday night, there were scattered reports of looting in the city, but nothing on the scale of Monday night, when countless business were destroyed and picked clean of merchandise and hundreds of people were arrested.

There was also a sense of calm up in the Bronx, where 24 hours earlier looters wrecked businesses on Fordham Road. But once the curfew started on Tuesday, the streets quickly cleared out, CBS2’s Alice Gainer reported.