NOM Endorses Arch Homophobe Ruben Diaz Sr.

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

Tomorrow is primary election day in New York, and in “the bluest, poorest congressional district in America” — in the Bronx — a tightly contested Congressional seat is being sought by about a dozen Democratic hopefuls.

But right now, the leading candidate in the polls is a friend of NOM, a pro-life and pro-family champion with whom we have worked closely in the past, Reverend Rubén Díaz.

NOM wholeheartedly endorses Reverend Díaz’s candidacy, and I’m writing to you today to urge you to contact anyone you know who lives in the Bronx and urge them to get out and vote for Díaz tomorrow. Reverend Díaz has been a consistent voice — and vote — for protecting life, the sanctity of marriage as the union of a man and a woman, and the family.

In this race, he is up against some pretty radical contenders from the Left, but he has unabashedly doubled-down on his principles in the campaign, labeling himself “the opposite of AOC.”

As longtime JMG readers may recall, in 2011 Brown and Diaz led an anti-LGBT hate march of thousands of mostly Hispanic Christians through the streets of NYC, culminating in a rally on the steps of the Bronx Courthouse where one of Diaz’s speakers declared (in Spanish that was being translated by bullhorn) that gays are “worthy to death.”

Over the weekend I got into a prolonged Twitter battle with some of Diaz’s supporters, prompting Diaz to retweet one person’s claim that the “worthy to death” moment never happened. Diaz did that after I provided video of the moment. Other Diaz supporters acknowledged that it happened, but mocked me for not seeing that the preacher was merely quoting the bible.

I’m also reminded the Brian Brown stole my original video of the march and posted it in its entirety to NOM’s channel without attribution. The “worthy to death” clip below was recorded by activist and former blogger Jeremy Hooper.

On tomorrow’s primary ballot, Diaz managed to remove the “Sr.” from his name, hoping that voters will think they’re voting for his son, Ruben Diaz Jr., the popular and pro-LGBT Bronx borough president.

UPDATE: As I was finishing this post, Diaz retweeted this response to me from one of his followers: “In a time where we need to come together, we do not have time to entertain any negativity and disrespectful comments. Ruben Diaz Sr loves everyone and extends a hand to all who need it, even to the ones that have betrayed him. Let’s move forward.”