NEW YORK: Cuomo Signs Police Reform Bills Into Law, Making Fake Race-Based 911 Calls Also Now A Crime

CBS News reports:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed police reform legislation into law on Friday, more than two weeks after George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis sparked a nationwide movement.

The governor signed into law a bundle of police reform bills passed by the legislature this week. Among them are a repeal of law 50-A, a statewide ban on chokeholds, automatic appointment of a special prosecutor to cases of police killing unarmed civilians, and a law making fake race-based 911 calls a crime.

Cuomo also said he is signing an executive order Friday that will withhold funds from police departments that do not enact reform. The “NYS police reform & reinvention collaborative” requires departments to work with their communities to draft reform before April 1, or lose state funding.