New Lincoln Project Ad Blasts “Bunker Coward” Trump

From a New York Times opinion column:

But don’t fool yourself: It will not be easy to remove this awful man. As nice as it was to hear Joe Biden sound like a president this week, it is going to take a heavy, hard and persistent pounding of Trump to oust him. For that, Democrats can learn from the people who know his people best — the Never Trump Republicans.

“Washington transformed into a war zone for this coward.” So went the latest salvo from one such group, the Lincoln Project. “This is a time for choosing: America or Trump.” The ad is blunt. Brutally effective. And the best way to beat a bully who cowers in a bunker.

Donald Trump Jr., on the other hand, posted a meme on his Instagram suggesting that Biden was a pedophile. The campaign has bought Facebook ads implying that Biden is senile and demented. Don’t be surprised if Trump blames Biden for the car accident that killed Biden’s wife and child.