Michigan Bar Linked To 85 New COVID Cases [VIDEO]

Lansing’s ABC News affiliate reports:

People who visited a bar in East Lansing, Michigan, are being asked to self-quarantine because roughly 85 people contracted Covid-19 after visiting the establishment this month, a health official says. The Health Department is asking patrons who visited Harper’s Restaurant & Brew Pub between June 12 and June 20 to self-quarantine, and report cases of Covid-19, the department said in a statement.

“Given the number of cases in this outbreak, we consider this a higher risk exposure than a typical visit to a restaurant or bar,” Vail said. “There are likely more people infected with Covid-19 not yet identified.” The bar followed safety guidelines for employees, capacity guidelines and table spacing, the statement said. The bar opted to close down temporarily to install air purifiers, a post says on its Facebook page.