McEnany Used Parents’ Tampa Address To Vote By Mail All While Holding New Jersey License And Living In DC

The Huffington Post reports:

Even as they both attack the idea of voting by mail, President Donald Trump and his new press secretary may have voted by mail illegally, using residential addresses on their registrations that were not their residences.

Kayleigh McEnany cast Florida ballots in 2018 using her parents’ address in Tampa, even though she lived in Washington, D.C., and held a New Jersey driver’s license. Trump cast a Florida ballot this year using a business address in Palm Beach, where he had promised the town government he would not live.

“If Florida is not really your primary residence, than it’s inappropriate for you to be registered as a voter in Florida,” said Ciara Torres-Spelliscy, a fellow at the Brennan Center and a professor at Stetson University in Florida.

Earlier it was reported that McEnany voted by mail from Florida in eleven consecutive elections.