Martha McSally: Chuck Schumer Is Going To Have To “Pry The Senate Majority Out Of My Cold, Dead Hands”

Fox News radio host Guy Benson:

The book is called Dare to Fly. The author is my guest, U.S. Senator Martha McSally. The subhead is Simple Life Lessons in Never Giving Up. And on that subject, I do want to pivot to your Senate race.

The last two polls have you down double digits. The Fox News poll that just came out last week showed you down 13 points. It sounds like maybe some of your internal polling is showing it closer.

Sen. Martha McSally:

No, our data doesn’t show anything like that. Give me a break. No. Absolutely not. So, look, our data shows that this is going to be a very tight race. Arizona is still right of center. I’ve got no less than seven different groups attacking me right now. Right?

Why would Chuck Schumer be spending money on me right now? So, you know, we’re in the fight. This is an important race for President Trump to win. And also for the Senate majority.

So we are absolutely in the fight. Going to be a tight race, going to be hard, just like many things within my life. And Chuck Schumer is going to have to pry the Senate majority out of my cold, dead hands.

Later yesterday McSally repeated the “cold dead hands” line in an interview with Breitbart. So apparently she’s making that her thing. She also told Breitbart that the New York Times is keeping her book off its bestsellers list because she’s a “conservative woman.” Yeah.