Majority Say Trump Is Racist, Failure Or Below Average

Mediaite reports:

Trump has gotten a lot of bad polling news recently, as his approval ratings have cratered and his general election opponent Joe Biden has widened his lead over the incumbent. A new Yahoo! News/YouGov poll is arguably worse news for Trump, as the results cut at his character and place in American history.

When directly asked “Do you think that President Trump is a racist?”, 52 percent said yes, while only 34 percent said no — an 18 point spread. Even a hefty plurality of white voters agreed Trump is a racist, 46-39, while only 14 percent of Republicans said yes to the question.

A whopping 54 percent rated Trump either a “failure” or “below average.” As for President Lincoln, to whom Trump has frequently compared himself, only 2 percent of Americans rated him a failure.