Major Ex-Gay Torture Group Disbands In Utter Failure

NBC News reports:

Hope for Wholeness, a prominent ex-gay ministry that boasts one of the most expansive networks of conversion therapy offerings in the United States, is disbanding. The Spartanburg, South Carolina-based organization, founded in 1999 as Truth Ministries, told members in an email Monday and obtained by NBC News that Hope for Wholeness would be closing its operations, citing the group’s difficulties in retaining a director to lead their efforts.

Hope for Wholeness was originally an offshoot of Exodus International, which, for decades, was the center of the ex-gay movement and had more than 120 ministries in the United States and Canada. Exodus was dissolved in 2013 after the organization’s leader announced at a conference he would resign and apologized to those who spent “years working through the shame and guilt when your attractions didn’t change.”

Please enjoy the full article. Last year the previous director of Hope For Wellness, McKrae Game, earned national headlines when he denounced the organization he helped found and declared that he was no longer ex-gay. Not that he ever was. (Tipped by JMG reader Kaye)