Looters Ransack Posh NYC Stores, Hundreds Arrested

CBS News York reports:

The NYPD made hundreds of arrests overnight as protest continued across the country over the death of George Floyd in police custody. Video shows luxury stores, like Chanel, targeted in SoHo. Fireworks were set off and some windows smashed as large crowds gathered in the street.

Police said approximately 250 people were arrested, six officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries and roughly a dozen police vehicles were damaged.

Officers now have the area blocked off as they investigate. While Sunday’s demonstrations started peacefully, they once again took a violent turn for the fourth straight night.

The New York Post reports:

A group of 12 people were busted by cops outside Nike Soho on Broadway as a number of high-end boutiques — and even a Bloomingdale’s department store — were looted overnight Sunday.

A witness to some of the looting mayhem on Greene Street said the suspects appeared to have a system, where one group would breach the stores as others lie in wait outside in getaway rides. “The looters have been going systemically from store to store,” the witness said. “It was hundreds of people.”

Outside of Nike Soho, police had stopped a car filled with a box of merchandise, including something from Gucci — which was among one of several luxury stores looted in the neighborhood.