Loony Louie Gohmert Tries To Drown Out Testimony On Corrupt AG Bill Barr By Banging On The Table [VIDEO]

The Insider reports:

The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday held an oversight hearing focusing on Attorney General William Barr’s decisions as head of the Justice Department. As part of the proceedings, the committee heard testimony from two DOJ officials: Aaron Zelinsky, a federal prosecutor at the US attorney’s office in Baltimore, and John Elias, a senior official in the department’s antitrust division.

The committee also heard testimony from two former DOJ officials: former Attorney General Michael Mukasey and former Deputy Attorney General Donald Ayer. Rep. Louie Gohmert began tapping on his desk to disrupt Ayer’s opening remarks because he had gone over his time limit. When Democratic lawmakers asked Gohmert to stop, he responded, “There’s no rules about when you can make noise.” The hearing briefly devolved into chaos as Gohmert continued interrupting Ayer’s testimony.

Watch the clips.