LIVE VIDEO: Trump Holds First Rally Amid Pandemic

For the train wreck masochists among us:

Long queues have formed outside an arena where President Donald Trump will hold his first rally since March, when the US coronavirus lockdown began.

There are concerns the event at Tulsa’s 19,000-seat Bank of Oklahoma Center could increase the spread of Covid-19. Those attending must sign a waiver protecting the Trump campaign from responsibility for any illness.

Hours before the rally, the campaign said six staff members involved in organising it had tested positive. On Friday, Oklahoma’s supreme court rejected a lawsuit asking that social distancing guidelines be followed.

The bottom clip below is already live and at this writing features Sen. Tom Cotton bragging about how much his op-ed owned the New York Times. At the table with him are Junior’s mistress, Lara Lipfiller Trump, Mercedes N-Word Schlapp, and Katrina Shoplifter Pierson. None are wearing masks.