Limbaugh Condemns “Cultural Rot” Of LGBTQ Rights: We’re Now So Low, We’re Looking Up At A Filthy Gutter

“This cultural rot has been happening for 30 years. It’d been happening since the sixties, the modern era of it. It’s longer than 30 years, and I have been waiting for this magical moment where most Americans finally realize what a cesspool the Democrat Party has turned the country into, what a cesspool American morality has become, what a cesspool the American left is turning our culture into — and it hasn’t happened.

“We continue to descend further and further. We’re now below the gutter. We are so low that when we look up, we see a filthy gutter. That is how low our culture and society has fallen, and still there isn’t any pushback. Still, the Supreme Court comes out earlier this week and throws in transgenders and gay people into the Civil Rights Act bill of 1964 where none of that was ever under consideration, and nobody pushes back against it.

“Nobody pushed back against gay marriage, at least after the initial pushback. They were cowed. We haven’t reached bottom yet. At some point, we will. There’s gonna be a point before people, I am convinced, are going to say, ‘This is insane! No more of this.’ I don’t know what it’s gonna take, and I don’t know how long it’s gonna take for all that to happen.” – Rush Limbaugh.