Liberty Counsel: Send Us $75 To Stop Bill Gates From Killing You With His “Mandatory COVID Vaccinations”

Via press release from the Liberty Counsel:

Mandatory vaccinations raise serious concerns about freedom as do restrictions on churches, but a growing number of states, along with a powerful multi-billionaire, continue to push for both. Will you accept a mandatory vaccination? Tell politicians NOW – I will NOT be forced to take your SHOT! – NO MANDATORY VACCINATIONS!

Bill Gates has been planning for many years to vaccinate every person on the planet as part of his population control agenda. He has publicly acknowledged that doing so will kill up to 700 to 750 thousand people, and this is just for a potential COVID-19 vaccine.

There are sure to be more vaccines for other diseases coming. Gates is okay with the loss of human life because, as he also said, he wants to reduce global population by 10 to 15 percent.

The only way, according to Gates, to vaccinate every person (about 7.5 billion) is to trace them with a digital ID and with the help of governments to force unwilling recipients to be vaccinated. And he also wants nations to provide absolute immunity.

And unless We the People are able to push hard enough to stop mandatory vaccination in its tracks, this issue too will have to be litigated — while who knows how many people will be forced into taking a mandatory vaccine before the matter is settled.

Please, join us in standing as one and stopping this outrageous new infringement on our religious liberty in its tracks – tell politicians NO MANDATORY VACCINATIONS! Please, contribute to our legal fund TODAY so our children and grandchildren can have freedom TOMORROW.