Leading Trump Cultist: Burn Down “Satanic Hollywood”

“If you are a Democrat at this point, if you call yourself a liberal at this point after seeing all of this, then you are endorsing this violent, disgusting behavior, you’re endorsing the destruction of America. You’re endorsing it. We need to have this behavior called out and condemned and stopped. If there’s one institution that should be burned down, it should be Hollywood. Hollywood I’m OK with it being burned down because it is satanic.” – Deanna Lorraine.

Lorraine, a failed US House candidate and QAnon nutbag who challenged Nancy Pelosi in the 2018 open primary, first appeared on JMG in late March when she helped lead the “empty hospitals” hoax launched by Shitbag Todd Starnes.

In April, Trump retweeted her call to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci, setting off a firestorm after which Trump denied that was his plan.

Lorraine has over 266,000 Twitter followers and as you can see from the tweet posted today, she enjoys attacking the appearance of female Democrats.