Leading Cultist Calls For Organizing Militias To Attack “Little, Skinny, Soy Boy Antifas” Who Can’t Even Swim

“If you get word of a statue about to be knocked down, or a building about to be defaced, or an anarchist about to come and do something or loot or riot, we’ve got to organize and go there. We’ve got to create our own and execute our own militias.

“We got militias. We have Proud Boys. We’ve got a lot of underground veterans and militias that are there and that I know that have been training for years, because I know some of them personally. We’ve got a lot of Proud Boys, we’ve got a lot of Proud Girls, we’ve got a lot of MAGA guys and girls.

“We’ve got a lot of people, so we just need organization because we are unfortunately outmatched. It’s pathetic when you think about it because we are being run over by little, skinny, soy boy antifas who don’t probably even know how to swim.” – DeAnna Lorraine, twice-failed US House candidate.

Lorraine, who has 300,000 Twitter followers and is one of the main shitbags behind the “empty hospitals” hoax, earned massive ridicule on Twitter earlier this week when she lamented that her own family doesn’t like her anymore because she’s such an enormous screeching shitbag. That tweet has since been deleted.