Jacksonville City Council Votes Tonight On Reinstating LGBT Rights Law Struck Down Due To Hate Group Suit

The Florida Times-Union reports:

The Jacksonville City Council is expected on Tuesday to vote on a replacement for the city’s recently struck-down law that prohibited discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, which fares a strong chance of passing after earning preliminary support from a veto-proof majority of the council.

The replacement law last week won 13 favorable votes during committee reviews. While committee votes aren’t binding, the showing is an indication the council intends to preserve the discrimination protections enacted in a similar law passed in 2017.

The Florida 1st District Court of Appeals determined last month the law was unenforceable due to a technical error in the process the council used to pass it, which unexpectedly revived a divisive political issue that city officials believed they had put behind them. The ruling, which came from a lawsuit filed against City Hall by the Liberty Counsel, didn’t address the content of the law.

Longtime JMG readers will recall that the 2017 passage of the ordinance only came after years of especially vicious tactics by the enemies of civil equality.