House Dems May Subpoena Bolton To Testify On Book

Politico reports:

Top House Democrats say they’re seriously considering whether Bolton should appear before them — either voluntarily or under subpoena — to testify about explosive allegations contained in his new book, including that Trump encouraged China to construct internment camps for Uighurs, urged Chinese President Xi Jinping to purchase American agricultural products in order to help his reelection bid and promised autocrats like Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he would do legal favors for an ally facing a U.S. indictment.

“We’ll make a judgment,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said during a Capitol press conference Thursday. “I’ll be meeting with the chairs to make a judgment.” Pelosi slammed Bolton’s refusal to testify previously, saving his most damaging evidence for his book, as “a con.” But she said the allegations nevertheless dovetail with the House’s impeachment charges that Trump was unfit for office.” Majority Whip James Clyburn told CNN Thursday morning that the House “ought to consider” subpoenaing Bolton to hear his allegations under oath.

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