Hate Group Leader Has The Sadz: This “Outrageous” SCOTUS Ruling Is An “Incredibly Dark Day” For America

From Focus On The Family founder James Dobson:

In an outrageous ruling that should shake America’s collective conscience to its core, the U.S. Supreme Court has redefined the meaning of “sex” under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to include “gender identity” and “sexual orientation.”

Not only was this decision an affront against God, but it was also a historical attack against the founding framework that governs our nation.

Our judiciary is constitutionally charged with interpreting the law, not making law. In its 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court acted as a super-legislature and failed to carry out its primary duty to the American people. And we will all pay the price.

If there was any question that our country is in the midst of a spiritual war over its very heart and soul, this abhorrent decision removes any shred of doubt. In one of the most difficult seasons for our nation, this is an incredibly dark day and must be countered with great prayer.

Dobson last appeared on JMG when he declared that passage of the Equality Act will result in Christians being “enslaved.” Dobson founded Focus On The Family in 1977 and the Family Research Council in 1981. In 2010 he launched Family Talk Radio, which airs on over 300 Christian stations.