Hate Group Has The Sadz After Losing Before Supreme Court: God Has A Plan We Cannot Begin To Understand

Via press release from Alliance Defending Freedom:

By ruling in the similar case decided today that “sex” in federal employment law also includes “sexual orientation,” the Court made it more difficult for employers and employees who hold the longstanding, honorable belief that marriage is only between one man and one woman.

The ruling could prohibit a religious employer from declining to recognize a same-sex relationship as a “marriage” for purpose of benefits. It could subject a small business owner to liability if she discusses her beliefs about marriage while at work.

It could even result in an employee being disciplined or fired for even mentioning her beliefs about marriage, as happened to Chief Kelvin Cochran, who was fired as Atlanta’s Fire Chief after writing a small book about his beliefs in Christ and about marriage for his private, men’s Bible study.

We often talk about how all our work is in God’s hands. We are called to do our very best and to follow God’s will, no matter the outcome, because God has a plan that we cannot begin to understand, a plan that is much bigger and better than anything we can imagine.

The ADF was the losing party in today’s ruling on trans employment rights. Longtime JMG readers will know that the ADF is lying about Cochran, who actually demanded that his workplace subordinates read his anti-gay book.