GOP Calls Trump Cultists For House Hearing On Police

Politico reports:

Trump ally and frequent cable news commentator Dan Bongino is expected to testify Wednesday in a high-profile House Judiciary Committee hearing on police brutality, according to a communication reviewed by POLITICO.

The combative Fox News personality was included on an informal list of witnesses sent to staff of committee Democrats last night. He was listed as one of the Republicans’ witnesses. A spokesperson for committee Republicans declined to comment, and Bongino did not immediately respond to multiple requests for comment.

Darrell Scott, an African American pastor and Trump ally, is also set to testify. Scott is listed on the communication that POLITICO reviewed, and confirmed that he will participate.

Bongino last appeared on JMG when his NYT “bestseller” was slapped with a “bulk sales” notation.

Bongino is suing “digital assassin” Daily Beast for $15 million over their report on his departure from the now-defunct NRA-TV.

Darrell Scott was among the evangelicals who “laid hands” upon Trump in the Oval Office in a group prayer.