GoFundMe Halts “Intolerant” Candace Owens Money Beg For Alabama Man Who Called George Floyd “Thug”

The Hill reports:

GoFundMe has suspended a fundraiser established by conservative activist Candace Owens for a café co-owner who called the late George Floyd a “thug,” saying her campaign violated its policies on “intolerance of any kind.”

Owens had raised more than $200,000 for the Parkside Café in Birmingham, Ala., after co-owner Michael Dykes sparked backlash by insulting Floyd and calling the protesters over his death “idiots” in a text message to co-owner Robert Bagwell.

Owens, a longtime critic of the Black Lives Matter movement, has cited Floyd’s criminal record and called him a “horrible person.” President Trump retweeted a clip of Owens making similar comments in an interview with radio host Glenn Beck last week.

The cafe owner will still get what was raised.