FL Megachurch To Require Masks, Pastors Now COVID+

The Christian Post reports:

Grace City Church, a fast-growing Hillsong Family church in Lakeland, Florida, waded into the divisive issue of mask-wearing in Florida Sunday when it announced that it would ask members to wear masks after the church’s husband and wife team of lead pastors revealed they had been infected with the new coronavirus.

During an online service Sunday, the pastors of the church, Andrew Gard and his wife Christina, confirmed their “mild” infection with COVID-19. The confirmation came after they gathered for the first time in person since the lockdown began for a church prayer night on June 14.

Many Florida residents have been captured on video fiercely opposing wearing masks during the pandemic while invoking God, the devil, the U.S. Constitution and claims of communism. “They want to throw God’s wonderful breathing system out the door,” Sylvia Ball said during a recent public comment session with the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners.