Federal Court Suspends Wingnut Lawyer Larry Klayman

Bloomberg Law reports:

Larry Klayman, founder of the right-wing watchdog group Judicial Watch and, later, Freedom Watch, was suspended from the practice of law for 90 days by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.

The court said on Thursday that Klayman “flagrantly violated” an ethics rule forbidding changing sides in a matter, and that he acted “vindictively” toward his earlier organization.

The suspension takes effect 30 days from the court’s June 11 order, it said. The three-judge panel said it was accepting recommendations made by the district’s Board on Professional Responsibility. Klayman has been involved in several lawsuits with Judicial Watch since leaving, including one where he sued it for defamation.

The ABA Journal reports:

Klayman is frequently in the news. He filed a $20 trillion lawsuit in March against China that alleged that the novel coronavirus was a bioweapon that was recklessly or accidentally released.

He also represents former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore in three lawsuits, AL.com reports. Two of the suits relate to Moore’s Senate campaign, and the third is a defamation suit against comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen.

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals said the disciplinary counsel had proven that Klayman “flagrantly violated” the ethics rule on duties to former clients on three occasions.

I’ve been reporting on Klayman for so many years, I can’t even keep track of how many crackpots he has represented or the insane suits he has filed. Perhaps most memorable is the time he stood outside the White House with a bullhorn and shouted for President Obama to “put down the Koran and come out with your hands up.” Klayman, you may recall, filed multiple birther lawsuits against Obama.