Evangelical Partners With God To End Marriage Equality

“The world is not going to put people in places of authority that fear the Lord  They’re not gonna put people that are pro life, pro traditional marriage, pro Israel, pro conservative judges. They’re not going to do that. It’s gonna take the church of the living God to do that. So don’t give me your political jargon. I’m partnering with God to change America. So if you want to say, ‘I’m the hands of Jesus, the feet of Jesus, the mouth of Jesus,’ well, you better be his vote too.

“You’ve gotta vote according to the B-I-B-L-E. Where do [the candidates] stand on life? Where do they stand on marriage? Where do they stand on Israel? Where do they stand on conservative judges? Because I’m here to tell you I want to see abortion overturned in my lifetime. I will see marriage put back to biblical marriage in my lifetime and I need the Supreme Court.” – Hispanic Action Network founder Mark Gonzales.

Gonzales last appeared on JMG in 2018 when he asked Jesus to expose the “Satanic deep state” working to bring down Trump, who is the “almighty hand of God.”