Cuomo To Protesters: You Can Stop, You Won [VIDEO]

“People are still out protesting. You don’t need to protest. You won. You won. You accomplished your goal. Society says, you’re right, the police need systemic reform. That was accomplishment one. Now go to step two. What reform do you want? What do you want?

“I want systemic reform. OK. How do you define systemic reform? Let’s sit down at a table with the local government, with the police, with the other stakeholders. How do we redesign the police department? We start with this. It’s a blank piece of paper.

“What do you want the police department to be in New York City? Let’s design it. Here’s a pen. Let’s design it. What functions, what’s the staff, what’s the budget, what should they stop doing? You, we design it together.” – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.