Christian Site: You Have The Power To Raise The Dead

“Revivalist” Derrick Gates writes for Charisma News:

I remember the first time God used me to raise someone from the dead. My wife and I had just sat down to enjoy dinner on a date night when I watched two men walk in the door. God immediately marked one of them in my Spirit. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew God was going to do something with this man.

The two men happened to sit at the table directly beside us. It wasn’t more than five minutes when one of them fell forward into his plate. My wife and I jumped to help, laying him out on the floor. Nena, my wife, who has a medical background, confirmed that he had no heartbeat. His skin turned a gray color and immediately became cold and stiff to touch.

I fought past the fear and commanded the man, “Breathe, in Jesus’ name.” With one giant gasp, life flooded his body. It is inspiring to me to go after more dead-raising, and I believe it will inspire you to do the same. As a byproduct, I believe it will spark personal and corporate revival. Let’s raise the dead!

In the podcast below, Gates explains how he was once an “international drug dealer” but through the blood of White Jesus is now an “international speaker” and zombie maker.