Christian Site: Racism Is Caused By “Demonic Spirits”

“Prophetess” Kathy DeGraw writes for Charisma News:

I was led by the Lord to share this declaration He imparted to me years ago so that we may all collectively pray against the spirit of racism. I cancel demonic activities in the atmospheric realms, in Jesus’ name.

I dispel spirits of suicide, murder, death and darkness in this region and break their power over this world as it relates to racism. I command skepticism to be bound, uprooted and destroyed, in Jesus’ name. I break demonic barriers between law enforcement and the public, in Jesus’ name.

I annihilate the forces of fear, chaos, panic, havoc, disunity, dissension, distraction, murder, suicide, death and destruction with the blood of Jesus. I detach all demonic networks in place and installed in areas around our region.

At the link you’ll learn that in 2014 Jesus told Kathy to go St. Louis a month before the police killed Michael Brown so that she could be there shortly afterwards to battle demons. Or something.

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