Christian Site: “Demonic Spirits” Are Keeping You Poor

Charisma News reports:

Kathy DeGraw knows what it’s like to be shackled with fear. That spirit gripped her for a good portion of her life, she says. But once she found deliverance from that demonic spirit, DeGraw not only experienced the freedom she desired for her own life, but God gave her the tools to help others discover it as well.

“If you had financial situations that haven’t been in your favor, then you have a fear of poverty. If you haven’t gotten a promotion, there can be pride, which is behind a fear of not being accepted,” DeGraw says.

“And the Lord, by just removing the fear from my life, changed my life. I want it to change yours,” DeGraw says. “Fears are a root cause of everything we face. If you could get set free from fear, then it’s going to set you free from everything else.”

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