CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

Variety reports:

Patti LuPone blames one figure for the rising death rates from COVID-19 and the chaotic governmental response to the disease: Donald Trump. The president has been a frequent target of criticism for the Broadway star, who, appearing in “War Paint” in 2017, said she’d refuse to perform if he came to see her. The remarks went viral. Her attitude has not softened, even though she’s convinced that the president will prevail against Joe Biden in this fall’s election.

“This country is doomed,” says LuPone. “I think it is a failed experiment. I don’t see us pulling ourselves out of this. I think we’re heading into either fascism or a dictatorship. I think Trump will win a second term, and I think I’ll move to Ireland.” She’s serious. LuPone has an EU passport. “I have a finite amount of hours left in my life,” says the 71-year-old performer. “I want to be able to look at nature and go, ‘Oh right. That’s what it’s all about.’”