Brian Brown: We Hate LGBT Pride Month, Send Money

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

Some things are so important, at least in the opinion of the cultural and media elites, that come rain or shine they must be acknowledged and even celebrated.

Paying homage to the LGBT community during the month of June is one of those “must do” things that our woke culture demands of all Americans, or risk being named a hateful bigot if you don’t.

You see, the month of June is so-called “Pride Month” and nothing – not pandemics, nor tens of millions of people being out of work, nor race riots in the streets – can be allowed to shutter the annual celebration of all things gay.

We at NOM are not proud that the LGBT community has been able to inject its philosophy into vast swaths of the culture. We do not think it is courageous for them to seek the redefinition of critical social norms, including our understanding of marriage, parenthood, gender and religious liberty.

And we have no plans to celebrate – during the month of June or anytime – their exercise of raw political power (along with Democrat leaders working at their behest) to impose their radical agenda into law in our country.

Like every other aspect of society, the COVID-19 shelter in place and social distancing rules have meant the cancellation of LGBT “pride” parades that have come to symbolize the outrageousness of the modern-day gay “rights” movement.

These parades often feature open acts of nudity and displays of raunchiness, highlighting everything from drag queen performances to appearances by leather-clad gay bondage enthusiasts. But this year, the “pride” celebrations must move online since public events are not possible.

LGBT groups are working overtime to showcase their community, including a “global pride” online event intended to feature “celebrations” from over 350 countries during a 24-hour period in late June.

Pushing back against the LGBT community is tough. It takes courage and resilience. Radical LGBT activists closely monitor our work and regularly try to portray us as some sort of hateful group because we reject their agenda.

But despite their constant badgering and criticism, NOM has been extremely successful in defeating their agenda and in rolling back “victories” they achieved when Barack Obama was president.

We are working overtime to continue our successful work in Congress, state legislatures, the courts and with the Trump administration, but we are dependent on you and other supporters.

Will you kindly show your pride in NOM and the universal truths and values we fight to preserve and promote by making a financial contribution at this time? We would be very grateful.