Brian Brown: Send Money To Stop Pro-Gay Republicans

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

Before I address yesterday’s court ruling – which the leftwing media is hailing as “stunning,” “shocking” and “landmark” – I want to tell you about something else that’s happened concerning our issues.

This one didn’t get any meaningful media coverage. In Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, incumbent Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman was ousted by voters this past weekend after he officiated a same-sex “wedding” for two men who supported his election.

The vote wasn’t even close. Some 58% of Republican voters supported Riggleman’s GOP challenger. Now Riggleman’s career is in tatters, and supporting gay “marriage” is the reason why.

That is what happens when grassroots supporters are able to directly express their views. We need to do more of this. We need to organize, rally, protest and vote for the issues we care about and for those who stand with us. Will you help?

I am up for this fight, and I invite you to join me. As was demonstrated again just the other day with the defeat of Congressman Denver Riggleman after he officiated a same-sex ‘wedding,’ by working together we can prevail.

The email goes on for several hundred words to excoriate the “judicial activism” of Justice Neil Gorsuch “for whose confirmation we campaigned vigorously.” Brown’s message includes the usual 15 separate links to a donation page.