Shapiro: There’s No Such Thing As Systemic Racism

“There are no institutions in the United States that are legally systemically racist. It does not exist. I mean, it’s illegal in the United States. You can’t do that. And by the way, the only aspects of American life that are legally racist are legally racist on behalf of minority groups. Right? Affirmative action programs, for example.

“And so, what is actually being requested? What’s actually being requested is your acquiescence to the belief that if somebody does not succeed in American life, that is due to factors beyond their control. And therefore in your control.

“And the only way that you can absolve yourself of having victimized this person you have never met and never done anything to is to acquiesce to the complete rewriting of America’s systems that generated this stuff in the first place, even if they’ve already been rewritten.” – Ben Shapiro, on his web show.