Barr Claims Voting By Mail Will Lead To “Counterfeiting”

NBC News reports:

Attorney General William Barr on Thursday raised concerns that expanding mail-in voting could lead to widespread fraud — but admitted he had no evidence to support his claims. In an interview with NPR, Barr was asked if he believes an election conducted mainly by mail can be secure. “Personally, no. I mean, we just mailed out checks under this program. And what is it? I heard something like 20 percent or something were misdirected,” Barr said, referring to stimulus checks.

“I know things can happen like that,” he said. “Because I know people move, a very high percentage in the United States, people move all the time. And I also know that you can easily take things out of mailboxes.” He added, “There’s so many occasions for fraud there that cannot be policed. I think it would be very bad. But one of the things I mentioned was the possibility of counterfeiting.” Asked if he has evidence to raise that concern, Barr said, “No, it’s obvious.”