Attorney General Bill Barr Voted By Mail In 2019, 2012

Has any hypocritical Trumper NOT voted by mail?

Current and former election administrators said it would be virtually impossible for a foreign country to produce and mail in phony absentee ballots without detection, an issue Attorney General William P. Barr raised as a serious possibility in an interview published Monday. Barr told the New York Times Magazine that a foreign operation to mail in fake ballots was “one of the issues that I’m real worried about.”

“We’ve been talking about how, in terms of foreign influence, there are a number of foreign countries that could easily make counterfeit ballots, put names on them, send them in,” Barr said. “And it’d be very hard to sort out what’s happening.” Like Trump, the attorney general has himself voted absentee. State voting records show that Barr, a resident of Fairfax County, Va., in the suburbs of Washington, voted by mail in 2019 and 2012. Trump cast an absentee ballot in Florida’s March primary.