Arizona Megachurch Hosting Trump Rally Claims To Have Invented Device That Kills 99.9% Of COVID In Air

TMZ reports:

The church where President Trump will host his latest rally since the pandemic has made some bold claims about its facility and coronavirus, and it sounds too good to be true.

Faith leaders for Arizona’s Dream City Church — which has 7 locations, including a Phoenix and Scottsdale location — hopped online with a promo video hyping up this new technology they say they got their hands on which can, allegedly, wipe out nearly 100% of COVID-19 molecules in the air.

DCC’s CFO Brendon Zastrow and Pastor Luke Barnett stood shoulder-to-shoulder in this bizarre clip, claiming Clean Air Exp — an air purification org — has a way to scientifically zap away 99.9% of the virus that might be floating around while people breathe.