Alleged House Candidate Explains COVID And 666

“Barr covered up the Epstein murder. Epstein had all the inside info about Orgy Island. They’re all rapists, man. I get political prophecies. God showed me. He was choked out by the muscle man, bigger than the Incredible Hulk. His first cellmate. Don’t trust AG Barr. Trump, get a real AG and go after the people who dropped the bioweapon on us.

“I don’t support him [Trump] shutting America down because of this COVID-19 biological weapon. Not exposing COVID-19. Not exposing Gates financing it with Soros. The money going to Wuhan Lab. Fauci, as the leader of the NIH, sending the money to the Wuhan Lab as a biological weapons scientist who has the patent to HIV and that HIV was in the COVID-19.

“I mean, why isn’t Trump investigating Fauci and Gates and the COVID-19? Millions of jobs lost and I believe it’s 66 million. Everything’s 666. It’s 6.66 feet away, not six feet. It’s all about the Bill Gates 666. And he’s coming with the 666 microchip.” – Trump supporter and alleged US House candidate Johnny, when asked if there’s anything Trump does that he does not support.