4chan Trolls Plan Attacks On Virtual Pride Month Events

Vice Media reports:

Trolls are planning to disrupt Pride month celebrations, which have become uniquely vulnerable this year because of coronavirus, with the vast majority taking place online. The plan was hatched in May on 4chan’s /pol/ (Politically Incorrect) discussion board.

From the 1st June, when Pride month started, they instructed people to drop a “shitton [sic] of disturbing redpills on homosexuality on the comments”, specifically on brand pages promoting Pride on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They also provided participants with a pack of downloadable, viciously hateful memes.

On top of all that, the trolls say they are targeting dating apps – Tinder, Grindr and Bumble – “with legit, convincing images” to “criticise LGBT” [people]. To avoid people rumbling them using Google reverse image search, they are using a website called ThisPersonDoesNotExist, which uses AI to create unique, realistic-looking pictures of fake people.

The Independent reports:

A 4chan thread says: “Every June, hundreds of massive corporations band together to smother social media with posts in favour of ‘Pride Month’, a code word for the degeneracy that is LGBT+ activism.”

On the eve of Pride Month, an attack on London venue The Eagle forced its popular Sunday night fundraiser Horsemeat Disco offline.

Mark Oakley, the club’s owner, said its Facebook livestream was inundated by more than 110 spam bots and that a Mixcloud set up to allow thousands of regulars to enjoy the event from home was simultaneously forced down.

Instructions from 4chan are for participants in the social media arm of the trolling operation to appear reasonable at first so that they look like regular “normie” commenters. “No Hitler/Nazi shit.”