100 Million Angels Assigned To Guard GOP Convention

“We’re going to train you during the Republican National Convention how to command strategically the army assigned to you, when to send them and what to declare for them to do.

“During this convention there will be no violence involved. We don’t want any violence, any interference, not in any area of society or in the natural (?) whatsoever that will hold up, delay, or interfere with or cause any kind of violence during the Republican National Convention.

“I’ve already assigned 100 million angels to start – they’ve been posted in certain areas, inner city and around our city.” Self-proclaimed prophetess Kat Kerr.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Kat Kerr claims God destroyed the Bahamas with a hurricane due to all the underground sex trafficking tunnels. Kat Kerr claims she saw angels bombarding Trump protesters to drive out their “demonic infections.” Kat Katt claims she waved at the blond angels guarding the tomb of Jesus. Kat Kerr claims she met Whitney Houston in heaven. Kat Kerr claims the GOP secretly won the 2018 House midterms by pretending to be Democrats. Kat Kerr claims all the aborted babies in heaven had a dance party after Kavanaugh was sworn in. Kat Kerr claims God has a rainbow colored pet unicorn. Kat Kerr claims she met Jesus in person and he was totally hot. Kat Kerr clams that once you reach heaven, Jesus personally throws you a dance party in his mansion and serves you the delicious desserts he baked himself. Kat Kerry claims God personally told her the results of the next five presidential elections. Kat Kerr “takes authority” over volcanoes, hurricanes, and wildfires in the name of Jesus, failing to stop each event.