Writer: Trump Considered Role In “La Cage Aux Folles”

Tim O’Brien writes for Bloomberg:

Donald Trump was at the steering wheel as we drove through the rain together on a New Jersey highway in 2005. He had recently considered taking the stage to play a politician in the Broadway comedy “La Cage aux Folles,” but he had other things on his mind as he glanced over at me.

“I have one asset that I think nobody else has. And that’s that if somebody writes about me badly, I sort of own my own newspaper in a way. Like I went after you on the ‘Today’ show,” he told me. “I do have the ability to fight back in the media. I can say that, ‘You, Tim, is not smart. Is a terrible guy.’”

“A total whack job,” I suggested, since he’d used that one before. He finished off his primer with a flourish: “People don’t want to read about a negative Trump. I really believe that.”

The rest of the column opines that Twitter has nothing to fear from Trump, but I only skimmed it because I had to do a search on this La Cage Aux Folles claim. So far I’m finding nothing so this might be the first time anybody has heard about it.