VIRAL VIDEO: Ohio Karen Berates Reporter For Wearing Mask, Claims She’s “Terrifying And Lying To The Public” reports:

A protester outside the Ohio Statehouse on Friday, upset with what she thought was coronavirus reporting inciting fear, accosted a Columbus television reporter trying to cover the demonstration. The unidentified woman wasn’t wearing a mask and wasn’t keeping six feet of distance between her and NBC4 reporter Adrienne Robbins, who requested more than once that the woman keep more space to prevent transmission of the virus.

ABC News reports:

“How old are you?” the woman asked Robbins, after following her around for several minutes. “You are terrifying the general public, you realize that,” the unidentified protester says in video. “You know that the company that you work for is lying to the American people and you know that what you’re doing is wrong at the end of the day. You know it. You see how nervous you are? You’re shaking.”